Machine Asset Productivity

US Manufacturers are currently facing a unique set of challenges. Growing price gaps from overseas competition, a shortage of skilled workers, loss of talent due to key personnel retiring, and a 21st-century labor force that poorly aligns with skilled manufacturing.

We have partnered with J&L to provide a Remote Process Management (RPM) system that will help you be more efficient with managing your machine assets. RPM allows us to help you dramatically increase productivity and profits while reducing risk.  RPM’s unique integration of Machine Vision, IIOT (Industrial Internet of things), Automation, and IT technology allows you to Monitor, Control, and Automate your plant from anywhere in the world. Providing you with the following benefits:

  • Increase scalability with the same facilities, machines, and team.
  • Reduce Tool Breakage Costs (in dollars –AND– downtime)
  • Enhance Machinist Viewing Safety (and OSHA-compliant)
  • Leverage remote support and outsource some team functions.

This functionality can help you improve machine productivity, by 2-6X in addition to protecting your Machines, Facility, and Team. We would love to have the opportunity to learn more about the unique challenges that are contributing to the chaos in your machining operations. Restore your sanity & contact us today!