MPE PM Program

Benefits of the MPE PM Program

  • MPE PM services maintain machine systems to provide reliable operation and prevent premature wear
  • Minimizes unscheduled machine outages
  • Reduces scrap
  • Increases machine up-time and productivity
  • Extends the useful machine life between necessary repairs and rebuilds
  • Identifies small problems before they become large ones
  • Improves machine reliability, minimizes production schedule disruptions
  • Cost savings
    • Reduction of major repair expenses
    • Smooths costs over time, efficiently
  • Improved safety
    • Decreases occurrence of employee injury
    • Insures the machines safeguards are functioning properly
  • Decreased downtime
    • Scheduled downtime is minimal and productive
    • Planning recovery can take 2-5 times the downtime duration
  • Improved reliability
    • Increased productivity and lower scrap rates
    • Increased quality, consistency and repeatability
  • Conservation of assets
    • Maintains asset value over the intended life of machine
    • Prevents immature machine failure and replacement cost

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